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Specifics Of How To Plan Your Own Elaborate Nigerian Wedding

Nigerian luxury wedding

What Does A Tastefully Luxurious, Celebrity-Style Wedding Really Look Like In Nigeria?

Luxury is the choice of costly comfort and unusual pleasure afforded oneself. Coco chanel said luxury is not the opposite of poverty but the absence of vulgarity.

The most important day of a person’s life which is the wedding day should be planned to perfection without any expenses spared.

An international agency once reported that the most expensive weddings were held in Nigeria. Luxury weddings are usually the choice of celebrity couples or children of the rich and classy.


Lagos As a Case Study: What Others Are Doing

A luxury wedding in Nigeria with Lagos as a case study is characterized by a budget of not less than three million naira, beautiful, lush, expensive reception venues, exquisite décor, expensive tailored designer wedding gowns, and so on with a host of celebrities and the elites in attendance.


Okay, Got It! So, How Do I Plan My own Luxury Nigerian Wedding?

To have a luxury wedding, here is how to go about it:


1. Hire a wedding planner.

There are a number of well known experienced wedding planners to choose from. I’d recommend My humble self Bisi Padonu, BusyBee Events!


2. Hot Location

Make sure the reception venue is a very well known place..and a popular choice of the high society people – spacious, ample parking space etc. Depending on your expected number of guests, the venue must be large enough to contain over 700 guests.

This aspect is what takes about 30% of the entire wedding budget because getting a hall that fits my description will cost a minimum of one million naira.


I would consider The Expo Hall of Eko Hotel And Suites which is one of the most tasteful event centers in Lagos by the way. Harbour Point owned by Yewande Zacchaeus of Eventful Limited, Civic Center and Landmark Village all in Victoria Island can also be considered.


I could also consider the outdoors but not the plain outdoors because its unforgivable for a celebrity bride to have a “tacky” event, tents or marquees are the way to go.


Classicus Rentals, and Tents et al can provide the tents and all.


Need More Tips? Contact me for your luxury wedding today!


Here are the specifics of what to wear, whom to hire and how to get your location ready for Your Luxury Nigerian Wedding.