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PHOTOS: Secret Way To Peel A Whole Garlic Bulb Without Fingernails In Seconds

garlic clove peel photo

I encounter several people who peel their garlic the slow, hard way – painstakingly digging your nails into the edges to carefully pull back the skin.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with peeling your garlic the hard way, its certainly a time-waster and if you have to peel several, it can get extremely annoying and uncomfortable.

Some people just go the supermarket to purchase the packaged peeled garlic but I prefer them fresh. With this super easy method, now you can peel your garlic quickly and with ease – an entire bulb or two at a time.


1. Start off by getting a bulb of garlic into a bowl with a cover


Garlic bulb to peel


2. Cover up and Shake the bowl like crazy for 10 to 30 seconds


Garlic cloves



Garlic cloves peeled

Garlic cloves peeled

Garlic cloves peeled


And that’s it! In this exercise only one clove was unpeeled – every other clove was peeled in only a matter of seconds.


This works even better with an aluminum bowl.



  • the
    method i use is also efficient. take an entire bulb and place it on a
    hard surface. use the bottom of a small put to hit it a couple of times.
    voila! the hard tip and peel comes off easy! plus, it does some of the
    mincing for you…..20
    seconds give or take. it seperates every single bulb and removes most
    of the skin and you just take each clove and remove whatever skin is

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    • Thats not lazy jenny, that is smart with a capital s. i hated using my tips to open garlic as well and just settle for the powdered ones and only God knows whats mixed up in those. this is a really simple and cool tip. Just for the fun of it, after seeing this on spice baby, i grabbed a clove to show how effective it is to my sister and mom – they also do it now. Maybe ama lazyy too. ;)