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PHOTOS: Meat pie Recipe – How To Make The Dough in Easy Steps

Nigerian meat pie and orange drink

The first part of making your meat pie is preparing the meat filling that goes inside the dough.

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Now, learn to roll the dough in easy steps.

Quick Note: The eggs are NOT to be added to the dough mix. Save it till the very end to coat the edges of the dough and get it to stick together…also creates the golden-brown look



  •  4 cups of Flour
  • Tablespoonful of baking powder
  • 500 grammes or 2 sticks of Margarine
  • 2 eggs
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Teaspoonful Sugar(optional)
  • 1 cup of ice cold water


Butter is NOT a substitute for margarine in this recipe. Use Margarine, not butter!


1. Mix baking powder and salt into Flour. If you choose to add sugar, here’s where you mix it in


photo of kneading dough for pie


2. Now Add Margarine. Work it thoroughly into flour until it look like breadcrumbs


mixing meat pie with margarine


3. Add half to 1 cup of ice cold water, a little-at-a-time, while you knead your dough into a stiff ball. If too soft, add additional flour to stiffen dough


stiff meat pie dough photo

Test dough consistency by lightly pulling for slight elasticity


4. With a roller, flatten the dough as seen here. Roll till dough smoothens and flattens to under a half-inch thickness


photo of flat dough with rolling pin


5. With a dough cutter or pot cover, cut the dough in a circle, preen off edges.


photo of flat dough with rolling pin

Now its time to add meat filling


6. Break and beat the 2 eggs in a separate bowl


7. Apply egg with a basting brush around the meat filling at the dough edge to hold the dough in place when you fold it


8. Gently fold the dough in half over meat filling and use a fork, dipped in eggs, to press down around the edge to create the classic meatpie shape


meat pie rolling and use fork to shape


9. Remember to brush the egg over the newly folded dough to give it the golden brown look


meat pie with eggs coating

Coated with egg

Oven setting – preheat to 285-375 degrees. Baking at 350 is ideal for most


10. Place on a greased, non-stick pan in the oven


meat pies in oven

Check after 20 minutes, if its not golden brown by then, give it another 15. Allow meat pie to sit on a rack to cool down before serving

Now, your meat pie is ready to serve….enjoy!


photo of nigerian meat pie, empanadas, jamaican beef patty


photo of meat pie and a glass of orange juice


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