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Kitchen Tips: What A Pinch Of Salt On Your Tongue Can Cure

pinch of salt in mouth photo

Wait till you read what a pinch of salt can do.

Beyond adding taste to food and taking it from bland to Ka-boom, a simple pinch of kitchen salt can spare you a lot of pain as you cook in the kitchen or while you eat.

The Claim:

While cooking or eating, and some of that spicy pepper somehow splashes and ends up in your eye and it burns! Is it true that a pinch of kitchen salt on the surface of your tongue will immediately cause the burning eye to instantly stop burning?

Verdict: TRUE.

Result: Immediate.

Apparently, Instead of running around screaming and splashing a bowl of water to decrease the burning sensation that follows when hot pepper splashes into the eye, seasoned cooks and some savvy elderly swear that a pinch of salt on the surface of your tongue will instantly take the pain away and allow your eye to pop right open – no burning!

Well, SB put it to the test and it is true. This stuff really works!

So, when next this happens to you or a kid nearby, a pinch of salt has got you covered.