paris Restaurants Must Disclose “Home made” Food To Customers

Customers now have a leg up in France when they eat out by themselves, on a date or with family!

Starting on July 15, 2014, using a universal label, restaurants now have to show if the food they are serving was made in-house. This bold move against industrial restaurant food is expected to clarify to the customer if what they are being served was cooked by that restaurant or if they are store-bought, prepackaged and reheated for service; a strategy deployed by several food service businesses to lower their burdens and decrease time constraints.

“The problem with this new label is that there is no guarantee that the dish is actually homemade”, Jean Terlon, chef at Le Saint-Pierre restaurant in Longjumeau and vice-president of the UMIH – an association for the hotel and restaurant industry – told FRANCE 24.

The decree also applies to caterers and others in the food service business.


paris Restaurants Must Disclose “Home made” Food To Customers