Debbie Olutola Lost 55 Pounds: ‘I did not feel good looking at myself in the mirror’

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1. Name: Debbie Olutola

2. Age: 39

3. Height: 5′ 11

4. Before weight: 230 Lbs.

5. How I gained it: Lack of discipline when it comes to food.

debbie odutola lost weight from 230 pounds to 175. Love for African, Nigerian food and weight lose journey

6. Breaking point: Why you decided to set fitness goals: I did not feel good looking at myself in the mirror compared to what I looked like before I gained the weight. Also I had severe high blood pressure for my age which was uncalled for due to my weight. I had to make change because no one will but myself. Health is wealth.

7. How I lost it: I changed my food routine totally. I went on a low fat diet, no carbs for sometime and lots of water. I also started working out in the park and the gym, I did not do anything strenuous just fast walking for two hours in the evenings and in the morning whatever exercise I am comfortable with on YouTube for about 20 mins.

8. After weight: 175 Lbs.

9. What surprised me the most about this journey: The way I started to loose this weight due to focus, dedication and determination…now I truly believe what my Dad used to say then that anything feasible can be achieved with the necessary commitment and persistence. Don’t quit.

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  1. Toun Pretty

    I’m trying to lose 20 pounds and I love my rice and fried foods too much to get your results but i think i’m inspired thanks for sharing this.

  2. Yemi Dougherty

    You look really beautiful. I’ve tried every diet and I can’t keep the weight off for long as soon as i start back eating carbs they just pile back on. hmm i may add exercising too like you did.

  3. Shalahi Ben

    All your hardwork is obvious you look really beautiful and healthy Debbie.

  4. Wow what a transformation! how did you get your tummy that flat?

    • Debbie

      Apart from my strict diet, i tuned in to YouTube for tummy workout sessions which is basically free and you are comfortable to do at your own pace and time.


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