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Buka Restaurant: We Got Scammed!

Seems a well-known restaurant that has even been featured on CNN can fall prey to 419 Fraudsters – who knew??

There I was facebooking [sic] today when this status popped up on Buka Restaurant, New York’s page! In the note, Buka Restaurant apologized to its patrons over a promise to bring Nigerian Rapper 9ice to perform at the restaurant. When I finally looked past the grammatical errors, I do feel bad for these guys.

Buka Nigerian Restaurant, Brooklyn:

“Ladies and gentlemen, i want to sincerely apologize for 9ICE SAGA at BUKA. it was this guy KENDU, that came to me with the idea, he explain to me that if i give him certain amount of money he will bring 9ice to BUKA i been a sucker for our culture and anything to promote what we (NIGERIA) have, i fell for it.

IT should be known that BUKA did not take any penning from the ticket he sold,rather they stole from us including free food, please if you are any of those that buy ticket or attend at all please come to BUKA i will make up to you in the way we know how. At BUKA we don’t participate in criminal stuff or fake things like that.

At this stage where BUKA is, we don’t need 9ice to promote our restaurant or rather 9ice need us to sell ticket. i don’t have to lie to our customers using anybody’s name, they are respective people that up hold us to a certain standard, every one and everybody Nigerian or non Nigerian of great important have been to BUKA.

Once again guys i sincerely APOLOGIZE, and i promise it will not happen again.”

[Alert]Okay, Buka Restaurant here’s the thing…unless there’s more to this story, I feel for you in this situation. I suggest you focus on taking better steps to ensure your contacts are legit and people might also take you seriously if you’d take the time to proofread your status for grammatical errors before posting. Just saying…[/Alert]