afropolitan chef yetunde taiwo photo

Learn this phrase ‘Afro-fusion’ because you’ll be hearing a lot about it if Yetunde Taiwo gets her way to make sure every home-cooked meal around the world contains some African flava!

Since the early age of six, Chicago-born and Nigerian-raised Taiwo discovered a love for food which she is now hoping to bring along with a boatload of cooking savvy to every home in the form of The Afropolitan Chef CookBook; 120 pages of quick, fun and flavorful recipes which include calorie counts. The cookbook is titled, “Eat with your heart. How to cook like an Afropolitan Chef.” When it comes to finding the core of merging African cuisine with delicious foods from around the world, the book promises a culinary experience like none other.

To bring her Afro-fusion vision to life in all of its culinary glory, Taiwo has launched an indiegogo fundraiser and needs your support to bring the book to print.

I have already written most of the recipes and shot the photos to go in the cookbook. In order to have foodies flipping through the pictures, salivating and yearning to satisfy their pallets in time for Thanksgiving; I need to raise $7,500 before summer’s end.

To support the Afropolitan Chef fundraiser, make a donation here today. Your donation entitles you to free copies of “How to cook like an Afropolitan Chef” and more. 10% of each print book sale will be donated to The World Food Program and No Kids Hungry organizations for life.


  1. Good luck and Keep up the good work. I have been looking for a cookbook I can use for Africa food because i like cooking a lot and i will like to see when this comes out.

  2. @Wunmishayo James Thank you I appreciate the comment and your interest. yes the book will also be available in an e-version. @osaze. Gracias. @Sonja M. Yes, we are chatting with some networks and trying to lock in sponsors. Soon by God’s grace.

  3. Good job Afropolitan chef. This is really nice. I’ve been cooking since childhood myself and understand what it is to love cooking we are waiting for your cookbook. If I had the means I would have donated. I will wait for a download if available.

  4. Hello Brittany. Yes, we are. By thanksgiving you will be able to order online.
    @Shyla. I am glad to hear that. I think what i am excited about it the time saves i have figure out that I share. for example i have figured out a way to cut down moi moi making from 2 hours to 50 minutes.
    @Ms. Spice of course you’ll be getting a copy 😉
    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the support

  5. Do you plan on making the books available in London or South Africa this year too or will they only be published in the US?

    • I think so too. Also there aren’t that many high quality African recipe cookbooks out there. I’d love a copy.